Psychology: Learning Portfolio Reflection Paper

Learning Portfolio Reflection Paper: (20 points) Our text covers important concepts and theories an operational manager/leader needs to understand in leading people. Even if you do not desire to manage or lead, you need to understand the theory behind human behavior to better fit-into the workplace. 1. Take notes on how each chapter might pertain to your own growth and development. 2. What personal strengths and weaknesses were revealed by these notes? 3. What can you do to improve your professional skills based on these readings & personal notes? 4. Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not? In your conclusion, summarize how you might be able to apply what you learned here to your own work experience and career goals. You’re “deliverable” in week 10 is an 8-10-page reflection paper of what you have learned about yourself with respect to your career strengths and need for development. I expect that you will also integrate course concepts into this self-reflection paper with proper citations and references in support of your personal insights. This is a private document and will only be shared with me as a confidential document. Most professionals spend more time selecting their next vehicle than they do considering their own career journey and what they need to do for themselves. I think you will find this exercise to be enlightening.

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