Psychology: Learning Portfolio Reflection Paper

Learning Portfolio Reflection Paper: (20 points) Our text covers important concepts and theories an operational manager/leader needs to understand in leading people. Even if you do not desire to manage or lead, you need to understand the theory behind human behavior to better fit-into the workplace. 1. Take notes on how each chapter might pertain to your own growth and development. 2. What personal strengths and weaknesses were revealed by these notes? 3. What can you do to improve your professional skills based on these readings & personal notes? 4. Were you surprised by your results? Why or why not? In your conclusion, summarize how you might be able to apply what you learned here to your own work experience and career goals. You’re “deliverable” in week 10 is an 8-10-page reflection paper of what you have learned about yourself with respect to your career strengths and need for development. I expect that you will also integrate course concepts into this self-reflection paper with proper citations and references in support of your personal insights. This is a private document and will only be shared with me as a confidential document. Most professionals spend more time selecting their next vehicle than they do considering their own career journey and what they need to do for themselves. I think you will find this exercise to be enlightening.

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Business: Marketing orientated company

Should be 10 minute individual presentation. Students are asked to select a company of your choice preferably a company who you believe to be marketing orientated prepare 10-minute presentation using PowerPoint , defining the four Ps of marketing strategy and including an evaluation of who you believe their target market to be and why.

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The mid-term will be a case study on an individual child

The mid-term will be a case study on an individual child. There will be 5 case studies to choose from. You will write a treatment summary report to include the following: ◦ Summary and impressions of background of youth using the bio-psychosocial framework. ◦ Identify specific needs for the child. ◦ Name specific interventions needed for the child and reasoning for it. Paper needs to be between 3 to 5 page typed with proper headings. Please use APA formatting when citing sources.

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Action research project on Differentiated Instruction

Module Assignment (50%): (2,000 words) An individual oral presentation reporting on an individual action research project into subject specialist teaching. Reflect on your current subject specialist teaching and how far you have been inclusive in your teaching. Identify an area or approach that you would like to develop and trial to promote inclusion in one or more of your teaching sessions. Plan and undertake a small scale action research project showing how you have made changes to your practice to benefit all learners and to ensure inclusion Share your findings in a presentation to your peers. Include any resources that you used. The presentation should include: Your context: who are your students and what do you teach. A reflection on the key ideas for your subject specialism in this session and how you will present these ideas. A reflection on how inclusive your classroom and teaching was at the start of the project The reasons for deciding on the change(s) you made for the project What exactly you decided to do, the resources needed, research undertaken How the trial went: your evaluation Important: Explain which theories of reflective practice were helpful in thinking about and planning your project. All notes must be submitted. Minimum of 6 references from different sources using appropriate referencing (see Blackboard and handbook). NB references and quotes are not included in the word count See Blackboard for full details and guidance about how to research and produce the assignment. Module Reading List Core Reading Bell, J. with Waters, S. (2014) Doing Your Research Project: A Guide For First-Time Researchers. Maidenhead, OUP Brookfield, S. (1995) Becoming A Critically Reflective Practitioner. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass. Roffey-Barentsen, J and Malthouse, R. (2009) Reflective Practice in the LLS. Exeter, Learning Matters. Scales, P., Pickering, J., Senior, L., Headley, K., Garner, P. and Boulton, H. (2011) Continuing Professional Development in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Maidenhead, Open University Press Wallace, S. (2011) Tutoring and Training in the Lifelong Learning Sector. (3rd edition) Exeter, Learning Matters.

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Sexually transmitted infections

This will be a 6 page research paper in APA format based off sexually transmitted infections as well as using material from chapter 14 from the following textbook: Fahey, T. & Insel, P (2017) Fit &Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness 13th edition Loose Leaf Edition (with CONNECT codes) McGraw Hill

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Constitutional issues (civic rights violation topic) report 10 page pages long

Paper on a topic of your choosing with professor approval Students will write a research report/paper focused on a topic of their choosing. There are separate assignments for submitting the topic, identifying a minimum of 10 cases/articles (references), and submitting the Course report/paper. The paper will be a minimum of 10 pages in length, and will identify many facets of a constitutional issue or topic. The paper must be supported by a minimum of 10 combined cases and scholarly references, and written in APA style.

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Chemistry: Chm 2210 lab report

The following aspects must be included in the final report:  Abstract  Introduction  Materials and Methods  Results  Discussion of the results  Conclusion  References  Post- Lab questions The following explains what you put in each section of your lab report.  Abstract The abstract is a one or two paragraph concise, yet detailed summary of the report. Often, the abstract is the last piece of the report written. It should contain these four elements:  What the objectives of the study were (the research question);  Brief statement of what was done (Methods);  Brief statement of what was found (Results);  Brief statement of what was concluded (Discussion).  Introduction Include background information that suggest why the topic is of interest and related findings. It should contain descriptions of the nature of the problem and summaries of relevant research to provide context so the reader can understand the experiment.  Materials and Methods This section describes all experimental procedures in enough detail so that someone else could repeat the experiment. Explain the steps you took in your experiment and how did you proceed.  Results The results section presents data that you collected from your experiment and summarize the data with text, tables, and/or figures. Effective results sections include:  All results should be presented, including those that do not support the hypothesis.  Statements made in the text must be supported by the results contained in figures and tables.  Calculations: Perform calculations asked for during the experiment. Make sure you understand the difference between % recovery, theoretical yield, and % yield. For all reactions I need to see actual and theoretical yields, along with all physical constants and equations needed to calculate these. Only one example calculation is necessary for each type of calculation performed (i.e. if you have to calculate Rf values for 5 compounds, just show one example calculation and then report the values for all other spots). 5  Discussion The discussion section explains the significance of the results and give a detailed account of what happened in the experiment. Evaluate what happened, based on the hypothesis and purpose of the experiment. If the results contained errors, analyze the reasons for the errors. The discussion should contain:  Summarize the important findings of your observations.  For each result, describe the patterns, principles, relationships your results show. Explain how your results relate to expectations and to references cited. Explain any agreements, contradictions, or exceptions. Describe what additional research might resolve contradictions or explain exceptions.  Suggest the theoretical implications of your results. Extend your findings to other situations or other species. Give the big picture: do your findings help us understand a broader topic?  Conclusion A brief summary of what was done, how, the results and your conclusions of the experiment. (Similar to the Abstract)  References A listing of published works you cited in the text of your paper listed by APA format. The experiment is extraction i will attach the procedures of the lab and the questions

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